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Almost all of us love to buy new things, especially if it is clothes. But with the changes of seasons and the arrival of winter, being able to buy a hooded jacket that protects us from the cold can be expensive. However, here are some tips to refresh your closet and buy a durable and stylish jacket.

Take advantage of the sales season

January and July are the two big seasons a year in which all the clothing that belongs to the previous season is lowered. In January, offers are concentrated in clothing, footwear, accessories and personal items, while in the second half, discounts also apply to furniture, electronics, and decoration. However, there are stores that maintain a permanent sales zone! There you will find the best Men’s Hooded Jacket or the model that you want that can complement your current outfit; use your creativity to make your own adaptations. Remember that the closer the start of the new season, the greater the discount.

Buy online store balances

If the store you are looking for is no longer what you were looking for, go to the online store. The inventory that you will find there comes from the main store, not from the stocks destined to each store. If you want something with discount and you thought it was over, look it up online. In all online shopping, it is very important that you know your exact size.

Subscribe to your newsletter

Some stores offer discount coupons in their newsletters. That’s why we recommend you subscribe to the “newsletter” of your favorite brands to know the news and upcoming events of the brand. They also use this medium to announce future promotions or rebates.

Build friendship with vendors

Who better than the sellers to know the upcoming promotions? They know the schedule of sales and new releases. In addition not only can you recommend accessories for your outfits, but also you can set aside your clothes until the sales season arrives so you can buy them at half the price.

Look for the benefits card

There are brands that have loyalty programs to reward their customers. Whether they give you points or coupons, some stores offer these kinds of benefits when shopping at them. You can accumulate them for your next purchase and avoid paying the full price.

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