What to Look For While Picking a Pair of Jeans or Denims for Men

Look around, they are everywhere: shops, schools, malls, clubs and even some employers use them in Casual Fridays. The popularity of jeans never falls and, as if that were not enough, when worn correctly, they radiate an aura of style and personality. Jeans are a trademark in the wardrobe of any man (old or young, single or married, student or professional).

Every man should have one or two pairs of blue jeans in the classic style, these are indispensable, since, ironically, they are always in force. But how exactly are classic style jeans? You could say that they are straight and wide pants, traditional pockets, with clasps or buttons, and are available in traditional colors (different ranges of black, gray and blue). They also lack details, such as ostentatious seams, excessive dyeing, patches, tears, and fraying. However, the style you choose will depend on your personal taste, your way of dressing and your body. Wide or tight, with side or front pockets, all jeans will be fashionable when you buy them.

What are the most appropriate recommendations to choose the best cut and look like a distinguished man, even when wearing jeans?

The first thing you should learn as a man of style is to know that there are different cuts of denim pants and you will need to find the best pants depending on your body type. Thus, from now on you will know the type of denim pants that best conceals your defects and highlights your attributes.

As with all garments, with jeans, there are some details that should be avoided. First of all, avoid jeans that are overloaded with any detail. It is advisable to keep the features to a minimum. For example, avoid pants that have stamped various shields, which give you appearance of teenage rebelliousness. Also, jeans with giant patches, whatever their fabric, are not appropriate either. Finally, remember that most jeans shrink when you wash them for the first time, so be careful, since shorts are only in fashion during the summer.

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