What Draws People To Military Style Mens Jackets

What Draws People To Military Style Mens Jackets

A single garment can be the main protagonist of this season, this time we talk about an ideal garment for the halftime, as it can adapt perfectly to those constant ups and downs of the season’s climate.

A military jacket has become one of the classics of autumn and will be your best ally this season for the Street Style, as it is easy to combine with almost any color and that with your favorite jeans can make you look a very relaxed and hip look, along with a dress shirt and some booties.

When accompanied by a pair of black pants, you can expand the possibilities of combining it, either with a white shirt or with different types of shoes or boots in this same tone.

Mix your favorite jeans with your military jacket for an elegant look with a casual touch, try different colors on your pants. This style gives us elegance immediately, generating in our outfit a different proposal but ideal for semi-formal events. This jacket gives us character and strengthens our image if we want to make a difference in front of others, this is a great option.

Golden buttons are classic military uniforms, which is why we must take care of the combination of colors with this type of jackets, so as not to obscure this distinctive seal they have, but to focus attention on them.

One way to boost this color point will be along with sober and neutral colors, such as black and white, where the style of the jacket next to its buttons will be highlighted in the first instance. In addition, it increases the intensity and luminosity of our outfit, which is very important if we want this to be the protagonist of our set.

We have many options from the coat with the double button, passing through the frock coat or the shorter jackets also with the typical military ornament. I personally adore the beads and garments in which they have dedicated time with embroidery and much apparent work.

As it is so cold, high-neck sweaters have become the best friends in this type of winter look and also fulfill their function perfectly. One of the trends is to combine the classic details of these jackets, inspired by the dress of the British and French military of the 18th century, with nautical touches, whether decorated or colors such as blue and white.

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