Trendy Jackets For Men

Each man’s wardrobe contains different types of clothing. But in my opinion, it is difficult to find a more practical and convenient article than a man’s jacket. Even the most rigorous version will be good in the office or theater. The jacket is also indispensable for a party or appointment. During the summer nights, a light jacket protects us from the cold. In the fall, a long, thick jacket is a great alternative to coats.

The history of the jacket is rather disorderly. According to one version, it is believed to have been created long ago by a French tailor named Jacques. The name comes from the name of its creator. The result was “jacket” and was used only by men. Later this fashion migrated to the women’s wardrobe and its name changed to “jaquette”.

The jacket emphasizes perfectly the dignities of the body and, if necessary, adjusts some inconveniences. This clothing item can be elegant and formal, refined and comfortable. The jacket emphasizes the style and gives confidence.

Short jackets:

Short jackets are part of another undeniable trend for the upcoming cold season. The new collections please all fashionistas. Some models are simple and some have original prints that add to our look some sophistication and luxury. It should be noted that jackets and short coats are universal and suitable any outfit.

Long jackets:

Long jackets will help you look luxuriously during fall-winter 2016-2017. For the cold season, the designers used dense cloth so that the cold does not enter. The advantage is that these jackets can be decorated with different elements.

Stylish Tuxedo:

Some of the jackets for fall and winter have tuxedo style and this is another success of the 2016-2017 season. The design is very masculine and can become the basis of a completely different look.

Leather jackets:

The leather is still a relevant and popular material in the sewing of clothes, as well as in the previous season. At this time the designers presented elegant jackets made of natural and artificial leather in impressive collections, which can complement almost any look and make it modern.

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