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Although it may seem silly, choosing a coat is very important since in winter it is the garment that we look best so if you want to know the coats that we will see more this season … continue reading


And this fall/winter, the length of the coats descends to unsuspected limits reaching beyond the middle leg. This trend that I personally did not just convince me in short people, I think it could look great on tall people. Despite not being one of my favorites, I think it brings a very masculine touch to any outfit.


This type of coat totally transforms a style of the most casual in a style with that spark that we all seek to wear. Although its large dimensions may seem to make us more obese or do not favor us, this type of coats usually favors us (as long as we buy a suitable size, but will make us that sack effect that we hate so much). This winter we can see them both in plain colors like the camel (take note of it, it will be a star color in our closet!), Mottled in gray tones and even tartan print.


Or what I knew as “wearing the robe to be at home”. But hey, it’s very fashionable! We have already seen much famous as Ben Affleck but now … is our opportunity! In fabrics such as cloth or wool, they are worn with the belt tied around the waist.


This coat that we thought had died has been resurrected! (yeah guys, sorry for the ones you hate them!) and become very popular! These types of coats really are always very practical since they save us from those very cold days.

  1. HAIR

The hair has come to stay in all its facets and of course, in the coat! Both smooth and animal print, this trend that did not convince us is slowly opening its way in our closets. We can see them in colors from white to black going through the range of beige and brown.


Following a little with the previous trend, the coats with prints like the animal print are glued in the closet of the most daring to give them a different touch to their styling.




As we also mentioned the military trend is one of the most we see on the street and in the jackets is already a must so … what do you expect to do with one? To the classic version of the parkas are added those that have applications in leather to give it a touch more rock.

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