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Finally, the cold has arrived, and the days of icy wind return that we hate so much. If you want to dress in style and wear the most top winter jackets for this winter season, pay attention to this post.

Winter is coming … or so it seems. Winter has been waiting but comes with strong bursts of cold air. So that you do not freeze and you can go out with style, we recommend the following jackets to shelter you well during this winter:

One of them is the parka: The origin of this jacket is Eskimo. Its name “Parka” comes from the first settlers of Russia and meant “skin of animal”. Its main purpose as the shelter was to guard against the cold and the winter wind.

Nowadays, the coat has no animal origin but follows the same function as in the past. It is, therefore, a coat usually waterproof and padded with ribbon or cord in its fur hood and at its waist. The most useful of the grim is that you can adjust it to your body thanks to the ribbon or cord that surrounds your waist and thus not let the wind pass. It’s an anti-wind top!

The trench coat is a three-quarter jacket made of wool or cotton, with a wide hood and fastened by passing elongated pieces made of bone or wood by a few loops.

Its origin takes place in World War I by the soldiers of the British Royal Navy, and in its beginnings was of camel brown color. Its maximum peculiarity was the form of buckle it, designed in his past to be able to do it with the gloves placed while it was fought in the front.

However, its boom as a garment arrived in World War II, and was known as ‘Duffle coat’ but when it arrived in Spain it became popular as a trench through the word ‘trench coat’.

The down jacket is a coat that contains inside the short and soft feather that the birds have under the outer plumage of their wings. It is a very warm and compact garment, but the contract is very sensitive to moisture. The other option that exists is the down with synthetic fibers. These are less insulation but more economical for your pocket. Both the pen and the synthetic fibers have in common a goal: not to give heat, but to retain the heat of your own body.

Finally, the leather jacket has a long past of rebellion, aviators, motorists, punk movement, rockers … It has managed to impose itself on the world of fashion as a garment with a lot of character. It has evolved into various forms like the bomber or also the biker jacket known as the biker jacket, and the “perfect classic” black will reach a great success, as it returns season after season. And for each morphology a leather jacket of different shape suits.

When we want to be warm under our leather jacket, it is best to wear it with a sweater or sweatshirt underneath. You can steal ideas from all the celebrities who love this combination. We think for example in Brad Pitt, Matt Damon or Leonardo Dicaprio who have worn that outfit on more than one occasion.

So if this season you want to encourage you with something different, these jackets can be your great ally for the colder months and the more casual and urban style.

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