Mens Stylish Jackets

Mens Stylish Jackets

Within the world of fashion we can find many different models of men’s jackets, can be made in leather, jackets, wool, American, winter jackets and so on. They are undoubtedly a timeless garment and very important in the current man’s look. Let’s talk a little more about them and what are the best Men’s Stylish Jackets.

To know what type of jacket is ideal for you, the first thing you should know is the shape of that jacket. Knowing the type you want to use and the shape of your body can know how to accentuate strengths and improve those who need it.


This is a type of men’s jacket, used for sport (in nautical clubs). She has jumped into the women’s wardrobe, different types of buttons and other details have been added. The fabrics are usually cotton, silk, satin, Oxford, linen, among others.


This leather jacket with lamb lining inside and large lapels on the collar, its origin is the American Army aviator jacket in World War II.


Usually, lower below the hips and buckles to the front with buttons. Made of leather, alpaca (South American camelid animal), wool, tweed, camel hair, cashmere, among others.


This type of aviator jacket made with nylon is characterized by its zip fastening, its cuffs, and waist adjusted by elastics. Used by social movements like skinheads or scooter boys.


A functional motorcycle jacket with side zip, created by Irving Schott (the name comes from his favorite Cuban favorite) and becoming a legend thanks to Marlon Brando and thus becoming a symbol of young rebels.


It is a British jacket designed to play golf and then used urban tribes as mods or skinheads and is characterized by its lightweight and tartan lining. His name comes from actor Rodney Harrington.

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