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The military print has been forgotten for a while, but it seems that this year’s spring face is back in fashion, so you can cheer yourself with a military jacket, which combined with basic jeans look great.

To combine this type of jackets it is best to opt for a black t-shirt and jeans or with a white shirt and jeans. Although it also looks great with a pair of leather pants. And if you want to wear it at night, the idea is to combine it with less casual clothes.

Whether it’s a coat, a frock coat, or a short jacket, every man who boasts must have at least one military garment in his closet. In the typical khaki color, in black, navy blue … there are many options to choose from.

Many times we can choose a look that is characterized by its simplicity. However, if we complement it with one of these military style jackets, we go from a simple and typical outfit to a much more colorful but not excessively demanding.

If you also want to include this fashionable print in your closet and you still do not have any pieces, today we give you some suggestions. In addition to several style keys to combine this military print without seeming to have escaped a guerrilla front.

Camouflage on the street

We recommend wearing only one garment in this colorful print, although in the case of a cargo multi-pocket jacket camouflage is the main piece in a street look of clear inspiration army.

Secondly, a cotton sweat-shirt combined with a matching pike polo, both in camouflage print. If you have already decided that you are one of those who is going to target the camouflage fashion, it is best not to interpret the trend literally and much less radical. That is to say that you use the print only as an accent of your look, and combine it with timeless and flatter wardrobe basics, since a print as characteristic as this one is better not to wear it with others.

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