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How to Wear Stylish Men’s Leather Jackets and Look Cool and Sophisticated

The leather jackets … are the salvation! They go perfect with almost any type of garment, besides that, they are a practically ideal item to use along with the finest and elegant attire, as well as the more informal look.

Ah! And if they are black leather jackets, even better! But how to use them correctly? Well, rest assured, since today I will provide some interesting recommendations that you can implement with garments that surely everyone has somewhere in the closet.

With a white t-shirt

Yes, it seems an obvious statement, but the fact is that the black leather is perfectly highlighted with the white, reason why it does not matter if the shirt that we have under the jacket is worn, old, or even bored! It is undoubtedly one of the simplest proposals of all, but also one of the most rock. Implement it! And it looks stylish enough, but also with the informality that any casual day needs.

With Jean

This proposal is one of the ones that I like the most since the completely informal look not only enchants me, but I also find the combination of leather and jean really fantastic. Very young! Otherwise, of course, you can innovate, implement new textures, colors, and jeans of different shades: I bet the result will be wonderful!

Think of contrasts!

Tie with a leather jacket? Why not! A tight white shirt and a slim black tie will be the best companions of your jacket. Combines with dark canvas or dress pants. You’ll be fine, but not boring.

Bohemian and casual

Leave behind the idea that leather jackets are just for rock lovers. Get a neutral t-shirt, broken pants, light scarf and some bracelets or a necklace. The result will be something relaxed and everyone will want to imitate.

Black head to toe

The black color is always elegant and a safe bet, when you do not know what to wear. Get some pants and a shirt that fits very well, add some dark glasses and you’re ready for action. If you want to take away the stigma of being the good kid, this is the look for you.

Back to the 80’s

Nothing better than the time of the eighties to inspire an outfit with a leather jacket. Run for your favorite Converse, the broken pants that your mother hates and a white shirt. You’ll look good, without appearing to spend hours choosing what to wear.

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