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Let’s face it, the leather is worn. That is why, now that the cold season begins and we can start wearing more warm clothing, it may be a good option to consider including a leather jacket in our closet. Personally, I think the best thing about them is the rocky touch they give the set.

Jackets with metallic appliqués in black color and open laterally ideal to combine with white t-shirts and pants in dark colors to complete the look more rocker.

Leather jackets do not go out of fashion, this season takes the 80s rock style. Although leather and vinyl compete with velvet to be the fashionable garment, leather at the moment, remains as an essential garment in our wardrobe.

Fine, short, long, rockers, bikers, or whatever you want to take them. With jeans, casual … night, day … With the leather jacket, everything is worth and is very easy to combine to create perfect looks.

The leather jackets gain prominence, being a basic wardrobe and a garment that has the particularity of looking. The perfect jacket is a leather jacket, with a bikini style and zippers. the name is due to its creator, Irving Schott. It was the first manufacturer to incorporate a zipper to a leather garment and decided to call it The perfect jacket, like its favorite pure Cuban.

How to combine the perfect jacket?

This type of leather jackets has a great association with the world of motorcycles and rock culture, so if you are looking for a leather jacket for a casual look, this is yours.

The bomber is a coat jacket that could well resemble the perfect jacket. It is similar, they simply differ in the type of fabric used to make them.

This type of leather jackets is very common of the rockiest and current looks this season. Do not you have your bomber yet? If it is not, you are already taking into account that it will be a trend during the whole season and the next. La Bomber is back to stay for a while.

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