Mens Leather Bomber Jacket Red

Mens Leather Bomber Jacket Red

The Bomber jacket is a loose-fitting garment sporty style and boyish air, which has evolved over time; designs, prints and different materials such as leather or satin, make it the best ally for this rainy season, thanks to the touch of rock n’roll that adds to the outfits.

Many celebrities already have this garment in their closet as a must have for the season. Boomers have come to the most accessible fashion brands, but have already been threatening several seasons from the catwalk to gain control of the street. And if they have – and, moreover, in a big way.

If first were firms like Alexander Wang those who bet by that cut of the hunter to combine with sports clothes to the ‘health goth’. In a slightly less casual way, Vetements has also marketed theirs: the brand that has managed to revolutionize the wardrobe of fashion insiders knows what the game is about.

Nobody wants to stop wearing a garment that seems to have been established in 2016 and that fights to rob the protagonist to the coats and overalls practically by the ankles. What is the classic color? We might dare to say that it is the military green, from that of its origins, but the most triumphant in the street is the black with the butane orange lining. At a time when everyone has surrendered to the dark, black is always the winning horse.

Clones are constantly multiplying. You may not be able to afford the original Acne long sleeve, but you can always find a ‘low cost’ version that you will then have to customize to your liking. At this moment when fashion no longer seeks to favor those who follow it, but to become a symbol of the connoisseur, the bómber jackets come back at an ideal time.

However, sometimes it seems that both fashion and its fans have forgotten who was the last to revive that garment. The bómbers in its more cosmic version and close to the clothes of an astronaut raver already triumphed years in the parking places of the discotheques.

It seems that the long and short sleeve bómber is on its way to becoming the next skinny pants since both pieces have followed a similar path: the designers include them in their collections, the experts start to show them, appear more affordable versions.

We are sure that this jacket will stay between us for several years as new versions in different materials and colors are making their way.

Then there will be any other type of garment that will remove it, but in the meantime, it seems that neither the boys nor the girls will stop wearing it in the short term and what is worse, the stores will not offer another pattern of a jacket at a time quite long.

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