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The history of denim and its introduction as one of the most famous textiles in history is always accompanied by the massification of pants made with this material during the 40’s. While brands such as Levi’s appeared in 1873, it was not until World War II that jeans became wearable for men and women outside of weekend activities, at which time other garments were added as the jeans jacket.

Synonymous with the changes in the style of this popular material, the jeans jacket has accompanied the story of the costumes from the model led by the rebels of the fifties, to the more informal men of the cinema as Paul Newman and Steve McQueen, passing by the youthful eighty-figure silhouette that took possession of this garment until exhaustion. Today reborn thanks to a vintage revival, but for many never left.

In the forties, jean jackets were made with stone shield pressure buttons and in the fifties would be reinvented, this time with a second chest pocket, riveted with tacks. In the sixties was born the 557XX, better known as Trucker Jacket, a classic that took shape by including for the first time flaps of pointy pockets on both sides of the chest and set aside the square silhouettes to demarcate the figure just below the waist. From then on, rockers, hippies, activists, television stars such as the cowboys or filmmakers like Marilyn Monroe and James Dean, would include the jean jacket in their closet to emphasize their image through the speech of appearance. The era of rebellion was lived.

The most famous jeans jacket is perhaps the one that Levi’s made to the actor Bing Crosby in 1951, designed in the smoking style. From that moment, the possibilities of cuts and original ways of taking the look became endless, and many adopted with grace the model of dark jeans that proliferated in the time of the factories in the heat of the war.

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