Mens Jackets Fur Collar

Ask your circle of friends or co-workers wearing a suit, how many cuts are in your jacket? Depending on how observant they are, they will know the answer or not … Although, let us raise one degree more the difficulty and continue with the next to know how many of them know that there are several possibilities. Probably very few will know that.

We are going to explain the versatility of options when choosing the back of a jacket. We will focus on the 3 main possibilities:

With 2 cuts: It is the most common and the oldest. We should go back several centuries to find the origin of men’s suits. Then we would see that originally, they were with two cuts. This style is the most common still today, where most jackets are still designed with 2 cuts.

With 1 cut: In a more recent era, the design of a jacket with 1 cut appeared, in times when it was essential to riding comfortably. Precisely from here, from the comfort of the garment making with a single cut to ride, we adopt this style more sporty or casual.

Without any cut: Practically fallen into oblivion. It is not unusual today to find clothing jackets that have been made without any cuts. The reasons are quite obvious and are that a jacket without any cut is very uncomfortable when sitting with it laid.

So, when choosing a jacket take this information into account. If you want to go to the last one for your day to day work, better with 2 cuts. Going out for a drink can be a perfect occasion to take 1 single cut as it will make a little difference in what would be a more classic way of dressing. We recommend leaving the jackets without any cut for those who have it in their genetics, there will always be people who appreciate it and although they are currently a minority we can not forget them.

To be able to easily and comfortably get your jacket with any of the options discussed, we recommend you visit our online store where you find the best jackets for men of the season.

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