Mens Jackets For Winter 2017

Jackets are a basic garment for both men and women, they are especially useful during the fall and winter season, when temperatures drop and the cold threatens to become giant ice cubes.

They are an element that is always in our closet, and that can be very helpful during these times of storm, that hurl with heavy rains and overwhelming winds. But if we have to cover ourselves, why not do it in style?

Padded jackets

Padded jackets have had quite a rise due to the influence that sportswear has had in recent years. These will come with everything during the fall/winter season this year, and will mainly use dark colors, especially black.

The infallible leather

One that will set a pattern this season will be the always-useful leather jacket, which returns strongly for this season and will trend during the early weeks of autumn this year.

This type of jacket is versatile and combines with a lot of outfits. You can use them to create a formal look and also look more casual and casual looks. Ideal if you are looking for a rocker look.

Bomber style

Perhaps the strongest trend this season is the unmissable bomber jacket. They are practical, comfortable, stylish and above all, they are fashionable this season. This garment can be obtained in a great variety of fabrics and textures, whether of nylon or polyester, or cotton among others.

This jacket will be your ally during the first days of autumn and will help you to complement a casual and carefree look. Especially the models with patches or prints, which look bold and modern.

The faithful Texan

What? Did not we tell you? Had not we already talked about the cowboy style? In fashion man, we had already commented that the denim style would be a strong trend during this fall/winter season 2017 – (denim: cowboy) – and this does not do more to strengthen a little this trend during the season, since if something cannot Missing in your closet during this time, is a good Texan jacket.

This garment can be combined with shirts in neutral or printed colors, and you will look amazing.

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