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If there is a jacket that has gotten a prominent place in any wardrobe that is the Harrington. The British jacket has been established as a garment that always comes well to have for its ease in the combinations, for its timelessness and mainly because it is impeccable in its forms. His tartan lining is one of the classics.

But this comes from behind, is nothing new. The jacket began to settle its history in the 1930s, under the textile label Baracuta, with a model known as Baracuta G9 that still continues to be manufactured today.

The mods made it his own since its outbreak in 1960, but then his referral to another urban tribe like the Skinheads expanded the radius of a jacket that had already popularized Elvis Presley himself in 1958 when he wore it in the movie King Creole. The Harrington, therefore, conserves with her the history of several generations.

Baracuta G9, the original Harrington in navy blue

In the 1970s the review of both urban cultures (that of British mods and skinheads) brought brands such as Fred Perry and Ben Sherman to design their own models; Models that have even outgrown the original. From here they began to develop their own adaptations which resulted in much of the bombers and jackets that we would see later. Merc London and Lonsdale are then added to the list.

It all came from a similar look given in the United States in the Ivy League, as did the name, derived from the character Rodney Harrington from the Peyton Place series who wore it at the beginning of the program. For its part, the term G9 comes from a diminutive derived from golf, since the jacket was designed with the appropriate measures to practice this sport and made with a waterproof fabric.

Limited edition of Baracuta

Magazines as important as the Men Style continue to recommend it and that apart from all the revival of the 60s and the incorporation of part of the static of certain urban tribes to the general public.

In 2007 the brand commemorated 30 years with a triple special edition based on its three highest representatives: rock king Frank Sinatra and Steve McQueen.

At present, the original, the Baracuta G9, is available in up to nine different models. Its price is 120 pounds, close to 124 euros. And you can choose from classic beige, navy blue, black, brown, red and beige duller. The rest of the variations modify the material with which they are made, the colors and even the dimensions. A garment that has seated its moment and remains as current as ever.

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