Mens General Jackets

Mens General Jackets

In reference to the men’s jacket, there are few things to keep in mind when choosing the model that best suits us, other than the style we want to give it, the color or the fabric, since more or less they are all the same.

Of course, although it is a type of short jacket, it has to be above the hips or flush with the same, once it is closed, so when you try it you must take this into account because it is really bad when you climb too high and it is above the navel.

The same thing happens the other way round: do not choose too big a model, so that when you carry it openly, do not stay too long. You also have to take into account, that being a model that has elastics in the sleeves, it has to fit perfectly in the arms, that is to say, that finishes at the height of the wrists and that does not surpass or it is not shortened.

When to use the bomber jacket

The bomber jacket is a mainly casual garment, so it is ideal for sporty, casual and day-to-day looks. Clearly, this jacket is not to wear or combine with suits or clothing, but it is better to wear it with general pants, jeans or even, with sports pants.

In short it is a garment that is perfect for informal events, daily, as long as you do not demand to go dressed in a suit to work, even for sports, do not forget that the Harrington model was born to play golf, so if you are follower of this sport, you can not go without a jacket of this style.

The bomber jacket itself is perfect also to wear with sports pants, especially the nylon models, since the leather jackets fit better with jeans, creating looks full of style and casual.

How to combine it

The bomber jacket is an almost basic garment that cannot be missing in the men’s closet, since it will get you out of many fashion problems, as it can be combined with many different styles but has in common casual style.

Jeans: it is the garment that best fits this type of jacket, that is, some jeans wore a bit with a basic shirt and a black leather bomber jacket, is a perfect style, casual and that James Dean rebellious spot, combining better with sneakers than with dress shoes, or leather boots with laces, with jeans inside.

Chinese pants: Although this trouser model is a little more dress than jeans, can be combined with the Harrington jackets, achieving a classic look, formal and the ideal style for tomorrow’s events, where no label is required.

T-shirts: of course, if you are going to put on a bomber jacket, you should run away from the shirts, since this jacket looks better with t-shirts or maybe with polos, if we talk about the more formal models, but with a basic shirt or with some stamping or design, it is best to feel this type of garment.

Footwear: As we said before, being a sporting and casual air garment, it is best to wear it with sneakers, but currently there are thousands of models with what does not seem like you are going to run, such as Converse, for example. So you can also choose a pair of boot shoes, to wear them out of the pants and creating informal styles, so it is better not to combine them with dress shoes.

It seems that the bomber jacket does not go out of fashion and every so often comes back on hard. Now we are in one of those seasons, so you know, choose the model you choose, you have to have a bomber in your closet.

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