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The funky jacket has several fashionable seasons. And this was not going to be less. At this point, I’m sure you would not be surprised if we tell you that the style of the 70’s has been imposed this season and that the figure as star weave in the coming months. Two trends that, when they come together, are materialized in a garment that is on its way to becoming essential for spring: the funky jacket.

How to wear a funky jacket

Today we are going to see one of the clothes that are sweeping this season; we will talk about the funky jacket. If you are thinking of getting one you cannot miss our tips to learn to combine it like a true fashionista.

Funky jacket for classic looks

You may have never dared yourself with this jacket because you thought it was too casual a garment to take to the office, but today we are going to show you that it is not true. Following some tips, you can get a classic look with a funky jacket.

This is one of those cases where less is more. Combine your fringed jacket with basic garments to get a comfortable outfit and perfect for work. Colors like blue, black or denim marry great with this jacket, especially if it is from before.

Funky jacket for a classic look

The funky jacket is a bohemian garment with a retro air that makes it perfect for the more classic outfits. If you want to maximize the character to this essential garment, bet on the complemented seventy and bohemian.

You can combine your funky jacket with hooded pants and a hat for a formal outfit with a lot of personalities. If you look for a look of rebel man uses an oversize jacket next to some booties. The result is perfect!

As you can see the funky jacket is a very versatile garment perfect for all types of looks. You choose how to take it.

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