Mens Designer Jackets With Elbow Patches

Mens Designer Jackets With Elbow Patches

Open your trunks of memories, the patches have returned! Exactly, as we predicted a few months ago, this tendency of the 90’s has returned to stay: make holes in your clothes, patches are looking for new victims. Do you dare to show off this new trend?

In the form of mini patches covering the entire denim jacket, or in a maxi version decorating the back of the garment with drawings and slogans, patches have burst into force in the jackets and there is no low-cost chain that claims that it has not included some exemplary in its autumnal collection.

With great low-cost departmental stores are betting on this trend, the patchwork jackets will undoubtedly become the garment of autumn.

How to combine your denim mens designer jackets with patches?

If the oversize jacket model is not your style you can always opt for the classic short neck denim jacket with seals on the front of the garment. A more discreet model at the same time as original and colorful. The straight cut denim jacket and button closure will be your best choice for a special diary look. Combine your patch denim jacket on your elbows and with monochrome clothing like a white shirt, black pants and always match your shoes. For a more alternative look, combine your patch jacket with a striped shirt or sweater and jeans.

For looks with more than the denim world, you have the jacket parka fine bomber style with hood, a thin and light garment with ribbed cuffs and striking patch on the back. A Premium garment made in detail.

Trousers with patches or funny jeans are perfect to give that casual look to your look. Combine them with monochromatic garments to focus attention on the star garment, the jeans. The mid-denim trousers model with colorful patches will be your “must have” this spring. The contrast of the patches with the jeans will bring freshness to your look. Use them with sneakers to create a more casual combination.

Take advantage of this trend to renew your sneakers and give your footwear a cheerful and colorful touch. We recommend combining your shoe with patches with cropped pants, or shorts so that you can show off your shoes without other items diverting attention from your key complement.

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