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All You Want to Known about Men Dinner Jackets

Men also have a particular style of dressing. Some like to look flawless at all times and others a little more “relaxed”. However, there are times when they should look different. For this reason, it is recommended that all men have some jacket or blazer in their wardrobe, this is a basic garment which can be used to attend a dinner, a job interview, an event, with you can attend from a day of work to an event at night giving it a different touch, current, fresh and elegant.

Investing in a jacket will always be a wise decision for the man who likes to look good, and wears it in different styles. When you do it you have to take into account the lifestyle you have. If you work in a position that demands a lot of responsibility, leadership, and authority, the image should reflect more seriousness, if on the contrary, you have a more relaxed job you can play with many styles and create different looks through the clothes you have in your closet.

I know that many wonders: What is the difference between the jacket and a formal bag? The answer is simple, your comfort. In addition, the location of buttons, cut and accessories such as patch pockets or metal buttons make the difference. These details make a look formal or more informal.

A jacket gives us the opportunity to be tidy, elegant, without the need to wear a suit. And, above all, they have a youthful touch, it is a mixture of style and elegance without becoming very formal.

A jacket can be combined with polos, jeans, shirts, ties, sweaters and dress pants. At present, we can find them in different designs and colors. Usually, men think that a jacket should be the same color as the pants, but it is a mistake. The kakets are characterized by being unique pieces that are combined with any trousers in the closet. The objective is to create a contrast between the pants and the jacket to wear a casual look that breaks the monotony of the look.

To carry it properly you should look for a jacket that follows the lines of your body.

Let it be something fitted at the waist and with the length below the waist of the pants without completely covering the pockets.

The shirt should be a little more than an inch below the sleeve of the blazer.

The shirt should go with the first two buttons unbuttoned.

Wearing a wool jacket with jeans, shirt, tie and the formal shoe is the perfect match for a creative man looking to get noticed in a formal evening event.

Blazer with sleeves shows a relaxed look. Must be combined with t-shirt and tennis.

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