Mens Designer Clothing Reaches Newer Heights

The modern world after living the massification that brought the industrial revolution is taking a turn again towards the natural tendencies, made by hand or to measure.

The tendency that is also seen in the clothes of men, who again felt the need to wear clothes made to order, with a perfect fit and made to your taste and preference.

This has led to an accelerated growth of clothing brands offering men’s clothing, with standard designs, but adjusted to the proportions of each buyer. One of the surprises of the last two years is the takeoff of sales in men’s fashion. While traditionally it was women’s fashion that generated higher incomes in the sector it seems that things are changing.

The growth in men’s fashion is fueled by a greater emphasis on the personal aspect combined with large disposable income. Globally, the annual disposable income of men is still 50 percent higher than that of women and while Western markets continue to spend more on clothing, it is expected that future growth will be driven by Asia Pacific.

In this new impulse, young people have a lot to say about their appearance. According to US experts who perceive this pattern. According to a market research company, men’s clothing experienced a 4.5 percent increase in sales last year (amounting to $ 440 billion), while women’s fashion only increased by 3.7 percent. The new data also predicts that the men’s fashion industry will contribute about $ 40 billion to the world market by 2019. A good indicator is that brands and clothing stores have opened specialized stores for male customers. A boost that strengthens the market.

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