Mens Denim Jackets

Mens Denim Jackets

The history of denim and its introduction as one of the most famous textiles in history is always accompanied by the massification of pants made with this material during the 40’s. While brands such as Levi’s appeared in 1873, it was not until World War II that jeans became wearable for men and women outside of weekend activities, at which time other garments were added as the jeans jacket.

Synonymous with the changes in the style of this popular material, the jeans jacket has accompanied the story of the costumes from the model led by the rebels of the fifties, to the more informal men of the cinema as Paul Newman and Steve McQueen, passing By the youthful eighty-figure silhouette that seized this garment until exhaustion. Today reborn thanks to a vintage revival, but for many never left.

The most famous jeans jacket is perhaps the one that Levi’s made to the actor Bing Crosby in 1951, designed in the smoking style. From that moment, the possibilities of cuts and original forms of wearing the look became endless, and many adopted with grace the model of dark jeans that proliferated in the time of the factories in the heat of the war. For others, it is the worn blue that holds the highest projection, while winter has seen the jeans jackets lined in chiporro.

This coming autumn will be the return of the jean jacket, one of the most classic and mythical sports clothes in the men’s closet. Although it is not clear to me whether it has ever stopped being fashionable. I, for example, do not wear one since my high school and, unfortunately, several years have passed.

The fact is that the return of the jean jacket is added to a denim fever of which we have already been participants during this summer, in fact, the cowboy shirts are again a must next fall, as we had already advanced Months.

The good thing about this garment is its enormous versatility, valid for wearing a shirt or shirt and with many colors, eye because this year you will see that the shirt is more fashionable than ever, something that is really good with a jacket this type.

As for pants, the good thing is that we can get the one we can think of, personally, I feel a special predilection for khakis, either in classic or Chinese version. Although jeans in any tone are also a safe bet.

This garment has its point taking it with a scruffy look, like Jude Law. A basic shirt, worn jeans, and sports are all we need. The “morning rage” face is optional.

As you can see, the jean jacket will give a lot to talk about this next season, some of us will be lucky enough to rescue her from the trunk of the memories and the rest we will not have another to make us one.

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