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Every man should have a leather jacket. This garment can adapt to many styles, it survives the trends and gives us that “bad boy” appearance, which makes us feel safe.

Also known as a motorcycle jacket, it is a garment that we can wear from autumn to spring, is warm but at the same time not very hot, and is the perfect complement to go out at night when the temperature gradually drops. This garment has been consolidated in addition to a classic, as a basic. You can find it both in the legitimate skin, but if you are vegan there are also many good quality synthetic varieties.

If you are one of those who thinks that the black leather jacket is a rough garment or that is only associated with rock and motorcycles, let us show you all the styles options you can achieve with it. It is extremely versatile, you can achieve a feminine, romantic look, the classic edgy, rocker, punk, a demure ladylike to an outfit totally eclectic and out of classifications. Dare to take more advantage of the leather jacket, it is time to use it with different garments to jeans and t-shirts as always.

Types of Leather Jackets

The bomber flight jacket

Call itself because it was originally designed for the aircraft crew, and its style has not changed since then.

The bombards are leather waistcoats, with a soft inner lining. Traditionally, the lining extends to the fold of the cuellom making it visible on the chin. The fleece, flannel, and corduroy are common linings. Waist and sleeves are tight, usually with elastic openings.

Usually, these are unadorned jackets designed to keep the wearer warm and protected. They zip upward at the front and have very roomy side pockets. They are a very casual option, but you must be careful because they do not look good on all bodies.

The “Double Rider” or motorcycle jacket

A classic in leather jackets, it instantly reminds us of rude men riding a Harley. Yes, Marlon Brando had one in The Wild Ones and has been a cultural icon ever since. Some call it “Perfect,” after the Schott brand launched the look.

Large lapels, a broad neck, full of snaps to hold it against the wind, that’s what gives this garment its distinctive look. The front rack opens at an angle, to form a flap and allowing the other to unfold from below. (There are a number of different models where the shape and angle of the flaps can vary widely, depending on the make and model.)


Racer Jacket

Designed for motocross, these jackets are comfortable, aerodynamic and feature a small pressure collar (some do not wear it). They lack hot coating or elastic openings (such as bombardiers) or “Double Rider” fasteners.

In a natural or plain black leather color, these are the most stylish choice for a leather jacket. They are simple and aerodynamic, making them a more neutral element than the other styles.

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