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Many of the current trends we know are inspired from past decades, urban subcultures, music groups, and collegiate and military uniforms. Bomber jackets are one of those garments that since the 1920s have been present in the men’s wardrobe as part of the characteristic attire of the pilots and other members of the Forces areas, ie a jacket for men used for war. Nowadays, in addition to being a unisex garment, the bomber Jackets have returned to find a space in the closet of the lovers of the fashion.

The history of bomber jackets comes from the 1920s when pilots of the Royal Air Force of England received as part of their endowment these heavy jackets made with sheepskin and leather details. The World War II was the historical moment of this garment since all the personnel of training, artillery and bombardment of the air force wore this leather jacket whose main objective was to supply body heat during the war.

The first remake of these jackets was carried by the children of those British and American pilots of World War II, later the Skinhead took possession of the jacket in the 80s and finally Chanel was the fashion brand that dared for the first time to make your own fashionista version of this outfit.

After Chanel the versions multiplied and reinvented according to each brand and designer, now these aviator jackets come in pinks, prints and metallic colors as presented by Christopher Raeburn, Givenchy, and Christopher Kane. However, the bomber jackets continue to be a suitable garment for cold days and winter seasons, it also gives your outfit a sporty touch that you can create with jeans and cane boots.

Likewise, the current trend maintains its characteristic, that is to say, they have a typical front zip, two front pockets on each side and an elastic material on the waist and cuffs of the jacket. The traditional aviator jackets are a heavy leather type, however, the modern ones are lighter so you dare to use them and be part of your closet.

Before anything the aviator jackets are comfortable, casual and easy to combine, that is to say, they are a type of sportswear, for this reason, it is not a surprise that the fashionistas have adopted this garment as part of the Sports Chic, a trend that bets on A sporty but glamorous outfit.

For both men and women, aviator jackets are a great solution because they are so versatile and fashionistas that only require jeans, sports shoes for something more casual and casual and moccasins or high heels for a more formal attire. Finally, for something looser and more comfortable, the zipper is not closed and for a more chic and glamorous style, it completely raises the slider and shows the stamping and style of this historic jacket.

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