Mens Bomber Jackets With Fur Collar

Mens Bomber Jackets With Fur Collar

Men’s Bomber Jackets – Always Warm and in Fashion

The bomber jacket emerged during World War I, where the “flight jackets” whose purpose, of course, was to protect the military from the cold. But now it goes further and these pieces complement the look, whether sporty or even more attractive and masculine, giving a feeling or sporty or relaxed and without losing elegance and style. Do not tell me that bomber is not ideal!

The bomber is leather waistcoats, with a soft inner lining. Traditionally, the lining extends to the double of the neck making it visible on the chin. The fleece, flannel, and corduroy are common linings. Waist and sleeves are tight, usually with elastic openings.

Usually, these are unadorned jackets designed to keep the wearer warm and protected. They zip upward at the front and have very roomy side pockets. They are a very casual option, but you must be careful because they do not look good on all bodies.

The colors in which they are used are classic, such as military green, blue, black and Bordeaux, although we will also see them metalized in silk and with drawings

The bomber combines perfect with jeans or shorts, because the idea of ​​this jacket is to be the focus of attention in your outfit, and the look we recommend is: accompanied by jeans, shirt, and converse.

If you are considering incorporating a Bomber to your wardrobe, we recommend that you see how some celebrities wear them in their looks and some people that set a trend. Surely you get some idea of ​​what you are looking for if you consider buying a bomber and, perhaps also, what you do not want.

Actually, the bomber never goes out of fashion, in 2017 comes the bomber jacket that reminds players of baseball but that has become an irreplaceable garment in our closet due to its versatility, comfort, and suitability. Properly combined gives a unique touch to any setting.

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