Mens Bomber Jacket Best In Black and Brown

Mens Bomber Jacket Best In Black and Brown

The colors communicate or transmit information to those around us about us. Information about our mood, personality, attitude, how we deal with situations, etc. It is another medium of expression and in this post, I want to share a little bit about the most common colors, those that we usually use in the day to day to go to work and to go for a walk, these are black and brown.


For men, it is often the first and safest option when choosing tailors or garments such as the Bomber Jacket. It transmits responsibility, authority, seriousness, and elegance. Bonus extra, they say it slims! But avoid using it too much because it can also suggest pain, mystery and even can be depressing and overwhelming. Accompany it with colors that bring light close to your face. The use of accessories is key.

The important point with the black is that you have to invest since if you buy cheap garments, it is probable that the few washes may seem faded and there you will definitely lose all its elegance.


Brown is also a mixture of colors, depending on the tonality of each other, but we remain that is the color of the earth and suggests stability and constancy.

It is said to be an appropriate color to give an image of an orderly and responsible person. Usually, it is convenient to combine it with warm colors, that radiate vitality and others that remain calm.

Brown goes very well with blue, preferably in shades of cobalt blue and blue night as well as electric blue. For this reason, Bomber Jackets or sweaters can be coordinated with brown denim.

Brown and green are one of the combinations most used by fashion brands. For example light brown or beige go very well with green grass, dark brown tones can also be combined with bottle green, emerald or sea green.

One of the fashionable combinations for this year is between brown and marsala, the fashionable color of this year. With these two colors, you will get a sophisticated and elegant look. The chocolate brown color is preferred to combine with neutral tones, sherbets, and cake, especially if you want to get a look bon ton.

The rules concerning the combination of clothing also apply to the field of accessories. Combine belts and brown shoes according to the criteria we just explained. Without a doubt, you will get a refined look, very winter and sophisticated.

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