Mens Bomber Designer Jackets With Inside Pockets

Mens Bomber Designer Jackets With Inside Pockets

The bomber jacket threatens to become a trend and appear among the ‘must’ next spring although, in fact, never have finished leaving that list. Reasons are not lacking. Because this clear sports jacket with inside pockets is ideal for the halftime when the coat begins to be left over and the sun does not overheat to dust the blazer if it is not with several layers underneath.

The announcement of the next irruption of the classic aviator jacket comes in two ways: the catwalks and the ‘street style’. In the last thirty years, many laps have given this jacket on the head of the great ‘needles’. The piece maintains its essence – a wide silhouette with elastic in cuffs, neck, and waist – but this season offers new faces in silver and gold metallized fabrics, velvet, somewhat risky prints or dusty tones.

Black and military green are the best-known versions but it is clear that there are options for all tastes. Of course, one of them stands out omnipresent in the spring collections that have been on sale for several weeks. These are the flowers, in all their expressions, sizes and colors.

Famous brands bring the bomber with patches. Also in the back of this jacket has been fixed more than one designer to embroider messages and drawings of all kinds and give a fun touch to the piece.

What this new – and certainly not the last one – reinvent of the Bomber Jacket does not lose respect to the original one is its versatility, that allows adapting it to almost any style. The classic black, in smooth or padded fabric, can be accompanied by a simple shirt and white shoes for almost any plan for its sporty and elegant blend. Floral pattern models can find their niche at night with a simple white shirt, jeans, and a converse.

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