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By jackets, we mean that garment that is short and wide and serves to cover our upper part. If we have to catalog them historically as we did with the neckwear Mao we find that his appearance was during World War II. Specifically, they were used for the first time by the British pilots.

Shortly after this garment became popular and diversified in both models and materials. Being a recurring garment among the world’s population in the coldest times. And so over the years, it has already become a basic garment in anyone’s closet. Most well-known models? The bomber, the biker (or Perfect) and the Harrington.

There are very few pieces of clothing that can transcend more than one season. However, there are pieces that not only transcend seasons but are also almost eternal pieces. The following items are pieces that you must have in your closet as they do not go out of fashion and you can arrange them in different ways to create different styles.

I leave you with a selection of favorites of this season for each type of man’s jacket.

Bomber type bomber

There is no doubt that last year was already a hit and this season seems to be consecrated even more. The bomber is perfect for a more casual look and we find it in countless varieties.

Harrington Men’s Jackets

The Harrington men’s jacket is a model that I really like because it can give a plus of style to any look. Whether it’s a shirt or a shirt, you’ll always be able to give a more formal look. The classic model is with an overlapped collar and an interior in tartan.

Biker Men’s Jacket

For the Biker or Perfect man’s jackets, I would like to make a special post since for me they are an essential of the wardrobe both in autumn and winter.

“Hoodie” or sports shelter

This type of piece you can use it for when you want a more casual “look”. From going to have a coffee or shopping to market to go yoga, this piece is eternal, especially for casual outings. It is very important that you pay attention to the material of which it is made and do not choose anything that is too “trendy” but opts ​​for a simple and simple piece.

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