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Ways to Take Care of Men’s Leather Jackets – Know Tips on Men’s Designer Clothing

Leather garments especially jackets are an item that usually never missing in our closet, never go out of style, but not using them every day or all seasons, it is important that we know how to take care of them to last us forever.

Tips for caring for leather garments

Do not put them in plastic bags, this contributes to the appearance of mold in the garment, if you live in a tropical climate where the temperature does not vary much save it with your other jackets without major problem, but if you live in a place that has 4 seasons and you must keep the jacket in boxes for the next station, try to save it in some cloth bag.

The cleaning of leather garments, will depend on the type of leather used for processing, the untreated leather with a soft cloth moistened with soapy water is more than enough (squeeze the cloth very well before using it), movements must be circular and should not be exerted much pressure or force this can damage the leather; but if it is suede, it is better to buy a special product and use it according to the instructions of the package.

The leather is sensitive to heat, when you are going to save it you must realize that the place is not hot or it sticks to the direct light of the sun; if your garment gets wet do not use the dryer or heating to dry it will damage it; it is not advisable to leave them in the car or on a coat rack that sticks to the sunlight.

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